CEO – Founder

Avishkar is an immigrant physician from India who currently works as a hospitalist in the United States. Growing up in a family of physicians, he witnessed the hard work and sacrifice required to provide for a family. Inspired by his mother’s entrepreneurial spirit, Avishkar developed a desire to find a better way to achieve financial freedom and generate passive income.

After exploring various methods of generating income, including day trading and cryptocurrency, Avishkar found his true passion in real estate. He began investing in small multifamily properties and soon realized his heart was in owning and operating large apartment buildings. He is currently partnering with highly experienced individuals in the industry to aggressively acquire assets and expand his portfolio.

Despite his focus on real estate, Avishkar believes in diversifying his sources of income to offset any potential downturns in the market. He plans to explore other asset classes in the future while continuing to build his real estate portfolio. Avishkar’s ultimate goal is to create multiple sources of passive cash flow that will provide him and his investors with financial freedom and the ability to spend time with their families without the stress of money.