EP 7: Getting Comfortable with Debt. Avishkar Sabharwal

This episode explores the intriguing world of debt and its impact on investors. I share personal experiences and insights on how debt can be a powerful tool when used wisely, particularly in real estate.

I differentiate between good and bad debt and explain the importance of understanding interest rates and mortgage payments. Join me as we unravel the fears around debt and uncover how they can be harnessed to grow wealth.


1. Debt can be useful for investors, especially in real estate, to help grow wealth. The speaker shares their personal experience of how their perception of debt changed after moving to the US, where they realized the power of debt when used responsibly.
2. The speaker distinguishes between good debt and bad debt. Good debt is utilized for investments that generate returns, while bad debt is acquired for luxury purchases that do not create wealth.
3. Understanding interest rates and mortgage payments is crucial when considering debt. The speaker advises that longer mortgage terms can benefit cash flow and investment growth more.
4. The speaker admits that tools for asset performance prediction are available but states that they do not personally rely on them when purchasing assets. They base their decision on the asset’s current performance.


LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/avishkar-sabharwal-m-d-1ab85491/

Website: www.theimmigrantdoctor.com

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