Ep21: How To Buy Real Estate With Little To No Money

In this episode, we dive into the fascinating world of creative financing in real estate with guests Mitch and Richard.

They discuss the importance of discipline and consistency in achieving success and then explore various examples of creative financing techniques.
From buying properties “subject to” existing mortgages to seller financing, they reveal how these strategies can lead to win-win situations for buyers and sellers.
With their expertise and real-life examples, Mitch and Richard shed light on the endless possibilities and flexibility that come with creative financing in the California real estate market. Tune in and discover how to get creative and make your real estate dreams a reality!


1️⃣ Consistency and discipline are key for achieving success in any field. Motivation is temporary, but discipline allows you to accomplish anything. ????
2️⃣ Creative financing in real estate provides unique solutions for buying properties. It involves arranging building blocks based on the seller’s needs and situation. ????????
3️⃣ “Subject to” financing allows you to transfer property title without transferring the mortgage. The title represents ownership, while the mortgage represents payments to the bank. ????????
4️⃣ Seller financing empowers property owners to become the bank and set their own terms, independent of the mortgage market. It benefits both parties, as sellers can compete with banks by offering lower interest rates. ????????
5️⃣ Creative financing offers flexibility in payment structures, such as deferring payments for a certain period or adjusting interest rates over time. It allows for personalized agreements that meet the needs of both buyers and sellers. ????✨


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Mitch Roye:
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Richard Knowles:
Instagram: @richardeknowles
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