Oil and Gas Investment

Join Dr. Avishkar Sabharwal in a fascinating conversation with Ben Fraser, Chief Investment Officer of Aspen Funds. In this Immigrant Doctor podcast episode, delve into the unconventional move of integrating oil investments into a successful real estate portfolio.



1️⃣ Diversification Beyond Real Estate: Strategic expansion into oil investments alongside real estate.

2️⃣Challenging Clean Energy Narratives: Addressing the prevalent clean energy narrative.

3️⃣ Global Oil Dynamics and US Positioning: Uncover surprising facts about the global oil landscape.

4️⃣ Value Investing in Oil: Dive into the declining supply curve, increasing demand, and reduced competition, offering investors a unique window of opportunity.

5️⃣Strategic Investment Advantages: Gain insights into the strategic advantages of investing in oil during this phase.



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Website: www.theimmigrantdoctor.com


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