Why Affordable Housing is a Hidden Gem in Real Estate Investing

In today’s part 2 episode, we delve into the intricate world of affordable housing with seasoned investor and expert, Andrea Garcia. From tenant stability to tax benefits, get ready for a deep dive into the strategies that make affordable housing not just a socially responsible choice but a savvy investment.



1️⃣ Tenant Stability in Section 8 Housing: The long-term tenancy in Section 8 housing, dispelling misconceptions.

2️⃣Rent Differences in Section 8 vs. Market Rate: Explanation of how rent increases work in Section 8 compared to market rate units.

3️⃣Tax Benefits and Exemptions: Insight into tax benefits, abatements, and exemptions available for affordable housing.

4️⃣ Strategies for Affordable Housing Investors: Key strategies used in underwriting, including assessing taxes, incentives, and talking to brokers.

5️⃣Advantages of Section 8 Investing: The benefits of affordable housing investments, including value addition, tax advantages, and appreciation.



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