Why Visionaries Can Be Difficult to Work With And What To Do About It

In today’s episode, Priya shared valuable insights into her journey, emphasizing the importance of effective communication, goal alignment, and strategic planning in building a strong partnership.



1️⃣ Strategic Team Building: Learn the significance of aligning team members’ innate abilities with the overarching vision of the company.

2️⃣SOPs as Cornerstones: Discover how documented processes empower team members by providing clarity on expectations, deadlines, and essential resources.

3️⃣ Immersive Onboarding Experience: Navigate the challenges posed by joining during high-intensity periods and the team’s adaptability to the dynamic nature of real estate deals.

4️⃣Culture of Continuous Improvement: Understand the team’s proactive contribution to refining processes in response to industry dynamics.

5️⃣Balanced Management Approach: Explore the emphasis on comprehending the “why” behind tasks, empowering team members to make informed decisions independently.



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