Building and Managing a Team for Multifamily Investments

In this episode, I have the pleasure of introducing Priya Raje, an integral figure in the world of multifamily real estate. From her early days in health services management to becoming the driving force behind a thriving real estate enterprise, Priya’s journey is a wellspring of invaluable insights..

We delve into Priya’s experiences, from the challenges she’s faced to the pivotal role she plays in ensuring the success of her family’s real estate ventures. She opens up about her initial doubts and how she found her stride in this dynamic industry. Join us as we explore Priya’s remarkable path, and discover how introverts can thrive in real estate by partnering with more extroverted counterparts. The world of multifamily real estate is not limited to a single personality type, and Priya’s journey is a testament to that.


1️⃣ Discover the intricate workings of multifamily real estate through Priya’s unique lens, showcasing the power of a strong partnership.

2️⃣ Gain insights into the dynamic relationship between visionaries and integrators in a real estate team.

3️⃣ Understand the importance of building a team that complements your strengths and weaknesses.

4️⃣Find inspiration in Priya’s journey from introvert to an integral player in the multifamily real estate world

5️⃣Learn how to overcome self-doubt and embrace your role, making a significant impact behind the scenes.






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