Turning Loss into Lessons for Success

In this episode of The Immigrant Doctor, Avishkar and John discuss the importance of self-worth beyond net worth, personal growth through trials and tribulations, and valuable lessons in real estate investment.

John shares his own experiences of accumulating wealth quickly and the pitfalls that come with it, emphasizing the need for humility and kindness. He also explores the journey of investing in real estate and gives advice for different stages. Avishkar and John delve into the power of setting goals, the value of community, and the path to financial freedom.


1️⃣ Equating self-worth with net worth and its consequences.

2️⃣ Personal growth through failures and challenges.

3️⃣ Taking calculated risks and staying focused on real estate investment.

4️⃣The importance of having a specific financial goal.

5️⃣ The desire for retirement and achieving peace of mind.



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