Losing $80 Million in Real Estate and Bouncing Back

In this episode of The Immigrant Doctor podcast, host Avishkar Sabharwal welcomes guest John Laine, a real estate professional who lost $80 million in the industry.

Avishkar explores John’s journey, the lessons he learned, and how he managed to stay in real estate despite such a massive setback. They discuss John’s early experiences with foreclosure, his passion for understanding and hacking the system, and his mission to help families facing foreclosure. The episode highlights the importance of learning from mistakes and finding strength in adversity.


1️⃣ John lost $80 million in real estate 😱🏢

2️⃣ Despite the loss, he continues to do deals and excel in the real estate industry 💪🔥

3️⃣ John’s journey started with his personal experience of losing his childhood home in foreclosure, inspiring him to understand the system and leverage it to his advantage 🏠💼

4️⃣ John developed a unique foreclosure bailout system, helping hundreds of families stay in their homes and regain financial stability 🤝💰

5️⃣ At the core, John’s mission is to change the economics for underdogs and serve people, while challenging the influence of banks in the real estate market 🌍💔🏦


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Website: www.theimmigrantdoctor.com



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