EP 10: How to be highly productive : Dr. Ann Tsung, MD

In this episode, I had the honor of interviewing the brilliant Dr. Ann Tsung, MD.

We delved into the concept of working in our “zone of genius” and the value of outsourcing tasks that take us away from our true passions.
Dr. Tsung shared her personal journey towards achieving the Five Freedoms and how she strategically manages her time and goals to make progress in each area. She provided practical tips on productivity, focus, and managing fear.
This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to optimize their efficiency and achieve their goals while maintaining a balanced life.


1️⃣ Importance of working in your “zone of genius” and outsourcing tasks. ????
2️⃣ Cost of spending time on administrative tasks: wasting time and money. ⏰
3️⃣ Reorganization of the household to better manage outsourced tasks. ????
4️⃣ Pursuit of the Five Freedoms: progress in vitality and emotional freedom. ????
5️⃣ Productivity tactics: prioritizing, time blocking, and focusing on deep work. ????


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