Ep 11: Learning from Mistakes: How a Bankruptcy Shaped This Doctor’s Investment Journey

In this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Amir Baluch, a multifaceted entrepreneur with a deep understanding of private equity and the medical industry.

We delved into his experiences starting businesses in various industries, including a medical spa and flipping used cars and watches. Amir shared valuable insights on the success factors in the medical technology field, the importance of doctors’ expertise, and the potential for monetizing clinical knowledge. We also explored his journey from real estate investing to private equity and his strategies for identifying market opportunities.
This episode promises to provide listeners with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for their own ventures.


1. Amir Baluch’s entrepreneurial journey ????: From the medical spa to flipping cars and watches,
2. ???? Private equity’s potential wealth: Amir highlights the money-making potential in private equity, including hedge funds, venture capital, and leverage buyouts.
3. ???? Doctors and medical expertise: Amir emphasizes the importance of doctors’ opinions and expertise in determining the success of medical products or drugs, advocating for their involvement in advisory boards.
4. ???? Success in medical technology: Amir discusses the innovative product that led to a significant valuation increase for a cancer diagnostics company, showcasing the impact of groundbreaking ideas in the industry.
5. ???? Collaboration and knowledge: Amir stresses the importance of collaborating with experienced individuals in private equity, leveraging resources like Costar, PitchBook, and Prequin to make informed investment decisions.


LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/avishkar-sabharwal-m-d-1ab85491/

Website: www.theimmigrantdoctor.com



LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amirbaluchmd/

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