EP 16: Challenges and Opportunities for Borrowers

In this episode, I welcome Jerry Miles, who shares his inspiring journey as an immigrant in the commercial real estate industry.

From his humble beginnings in the roofing business to becoming a successful investor, Jerry’s story is filled with valuable lessons.
We delve into his experience with failure, the importance of building a team, and the challenges faced in the current market. Jerry provides insightful advice on funding options and emphasizes the significance of working in growing metropolitan areas.
Join us as we explore Jerry’s remarkable path and gain valuable insights into the world of commercial real estate.


1️⃣ HUD, Freddie, and Fannie are offering deals in the market, but Jerry hasn’t found any that qualify for an extended 35-year term.????
2️⃣ Longer fixed-rate terms of ten years are more favorable in the current market, and longer interest-only periods are offered on agency debt. ????
3️⃣ Building a team and letting go of control has positively impacted the business and opened up opportunities for growth. ????
4️⃣ The Federal Reserve raising interest rates has affected the market, making sellers hesitant to sell unless necessary. ????????
5️⃣ Lenders are more interested in lending to quality assets in bigger metropolitan areas over secondary markets or rural areas, making funding for deals in rural areas harder to find.????


LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/avishkar-sabharwal-m-d-1ab85491/

Website: www.theimmigrantdoctor.com



LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jerry-miles-193934194/
Email: jerry@adventurecomcap.com
Phone Number: 859-835-4513

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