EP 18: Zero to $10 million in 3 years. Here is how to do it.

In this episode, join us as we continue our conversation with Karan about his journey in the short-term rental space.

We discuss how Karan went from managing one property to now managing nine doors.
Karan shares the timeline of his real estate journey, starting from his first intentional investment in January 2021. We emphasize the importance of learning and seeking guidance in this space and the significance of avoiding costly mistakes.
Listeners gain valuable insights into the financial aspects of property acquisition and the benefits of reinvesting cash flow. Tune in to discover how Karan’s journey in real estate has transformed over the past 26 months.


1️⃣ Real estate professional status is generally not an option for immigrants, but short-term rentals offer an alternative avenue for investment and income. ????????
2️⃣ Karan Narang, the guest, shares his personal story of transitioning from a consultant to a full-time short-term rental investor. ????????????
3️⃣ The motivation behind investing in real estate, particularly short-term rentals, is to save on taxes and maximize income. ????????????????????
4️⃣ There is an unfair advantage given to real estate investors by the US government, offering various tax breaks and incentives to business owners in the industry. ????????
5️⃣ Short-term rentals became Karan’s niche as it provided a loophole for tax savings, especially for those who can’t quit their W-2 jobs to pursue other types of real estate investments. ????????????


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