EP 5: Investing in Real Estate in Uncertain Economic Times. Avishkar Sabharwal, Andrea Garcia

In this episode, our guest Andrea Garcia shares her knowledge and experience in commercial real estate investment as she discusses changes and challenges in the market.

We delve into over-leveraging and the importance of conservative underwriting to avoid foreclosure and ensure investor safety.

We also analyze the multifamily sector’s decreased sales and how investors can creatively acquire and add value to distressed properties.

Additionally, we touch on the impact of economic downturns on real estate investments, focusing on identifying opportunities for long-term wealth-building and financial independence.


  1. Over leveraging in commercial real estate can be risky and it’s important to have a safety net.
  2. Real estate lenders often have limits on the amount of leverage on an asset. 
  3. Interest rates are high and lenders are underwriting conservatively, scrutinizing potential borrowers. 
  4. Investing in bitcoin is highly speculative and volatile. 
  5. Multifamily real estate investments provide a steady return and are recession-resistant. 
  6. Smart money is looking to make big moves and park excess money into distressed assets.
  7. Sales in the multifamily sector have dropped by 74% compared to last year. 
  8. Downturns in the economy can present an opportunity to invest in real estate.
  9. Educating oneself on financial independence and making smart investment decisions is crucial.
  10. Due diligence and research should be done before getting involved in any investment opportunities.


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Website: www.theimmigrantdoctor.com

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