EP 4: How Money Works Part 2. Shamaz Mayginnes

In this episode, I sit down with my guest Shamaz Mayginnes to continue our conversation about how money works.

We discuss the buzz around recessions and corrections and how they are tied to stock market cycles.

We delve into Warren Buffett’s investment strategies and how they relate to both the stock market and real estate.

We also explore the significance of having local knowledge and understanding the specific market one is investing in. As always, I caution listeners to do their own due diligence before investing and look forward to continuing the conversation in future episodes.


  1. Looking at money as a commodity
  2. Investing in quality assets
  3. Investing in multifamily real estate 
  4. Prioritizing necessity over wants
  5. Warren Buffet’s approach to investing and purchasing companies
  6. Importance of having in-depth knowledge about a specific industry 
  7. Retail investors vs institutional investors
  8. Recession and corrections and how they are tied to the stock market cycles 
  9. The Columbus market and its lucrative opportunities 
  10. Cautioning listeners about working with guests without proper research.


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