EP 3: How Money Works Part 1. Shamaz Mayginnes

In this episode, we explore the complex and elusive world of the global financial market with special guest Shamaz Mayginnes.

We discuss the origins of the financial crisis in 2008 and the consequences of the constant printing of money.

We debate the benefits and risks of investing in stocks and the difference between storing money in a bank and investing in stocks.

We also touch upon the potential debt crisis that may occur in 2025 and the opportunities for wealth shifts. Lastly, we analyze the investment strategies employed by banks and the concept of wrapping a mortgage.

Join us as we take a deep dive into the complexities of the financial market, offering valuable insights and expert opinions.


  1. History and evolution of the US money supply
  2. The role of derivatives in the financial market
  3. The concept of portfolio referencing and the use of notes for raising capital 
  4. Problems caused by the printing of money, including bank failures
  5. The difficulty in gauging the true state of the economy due to constant printing of money
  6. The potential for wealth shift during times of economic downturn 
  7. The role of banks in investing customers’ money in various financial instruments 
  8. Strategies used by banks to maximize returns on investments
  9. The concept of wrapping a mortgage and the movement of money in the financial market 
  10. Due diligence when working with or seeking mentorship from industry experts.


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