EP 2: Money Mindset and Financial Freedom. Elisa Chiang

In this episode, we are joined by Elisa Chiang, a physician and life coach who specializes in helping physicians achieve financial freedom.

Elisa shares how she transitioned from being a physician to a coach and the importance of financial literacy and mindset when aiming to achieve financial goals.

She also discusses the various levels of financial independence and how to assess one’s financial goals and strategies based on individual needs.

Additionally, Elisa provides insights on combatting burnout and how to identify the signs to refill one’s cup. Join us for an episode full of valuable insights on managing finances and achieving financial freedom while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.


  1. The importance of financial literacy and investing for achieving financial freedom.
  2. The role of debt in managing finances and achieving financial goals.
  3. The relationship between money and happiness and how they relate to personal values and goals.
  4. Work-life balance and avoiding burnout, especially for physicians.
  5. Assessing personal financial goals and adjusting them based on individual needs.
  6. The different income ranges within the medical profession and how physicians can maximize their earnings.
  7. The need to protect one’s ability to practice medicine through self-care and disability insurance.
  8. Identifying and paying attention to signs of burnout and taking steps to refill one’s cup.
  9. Investing in cash-flowing real estate as a way to achieve financial freedom.
  10. Common misconceptions about finance and investing, especially among physicians.


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