Episode 01: Intro and Background

Welcome to The Immigrant Doctor Podcast with Avishkar Sabharwal!

This is a podcast aimed at helping immigrant physicians and medical professionals achieve financial freedom. Avishkar shares how his interest in passive investing was sparked after moving to the US and seeing others successfully balancing family and work life.

In this episode, he emphasizes the importance of a deep understanding of any investment, forming a team, and collaborating in scaling real estate investments.

His podcast hopes to educate listeners by bringing on successful experts from different fields to share their knowledge and experiences.

If you’re an immigrant medical professional looking to achieve financial independence, be sure to subscribe!


  1. Avishkar’s personal journey from working long hours in India with little family time to being inspired by people in the US who were able to balance work and family life.
  2. Avishkar’s interest in passive investing and his decision to choose real estate over stocks.
  3. The importance of gaining a deep understanding of any investment before starting and forming a team for scaling in real estate investments.
  4. The goal of Avishkar’s podcast, “The Immigrant Doctor,” to share his knowledge with other immigrant physicians and medical professionals and bring experts in different fields on as guests to help listeners gain more knowledge about investing.
  5. The focus of “The Immigrant Doctor” podcast on achieving financial freedom through investing in the US market.
  6. The podcast’s host, Avishkar, interviews successful individuals to share their experiences and success stories for inspirational guidance and support. 
  7. “The Immigrant Doctor” podcast provides insightful guidance and support for listeners looking to achieve financial independence. 
  8. Information about “The Immigrant Doctor” podcast can be found on theimmigrantdoctor.com.


LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/avishkar-sabharwal-m-d-1ab85491/ Website: www.theimmigrantdoctor.com

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